Provide crew lodging while significantly cutting project costs.

Consolidate your lodging spend through a single source where requirement and fulfillment are managed by experts in the procurement of lodging services:

Obtain better prices, greater discounts and more agreeable terms for lodging services through our volume purchasing.

Secure crew lodging services and access job costing/reporting, 24/7 with access to real-time, automated information.

Reduce accounting’s time with one payment to one source for all lodging under agreeable payment terms and customized reporting capabilities.

Track ALL crew activity, real-time, 24/7.

No more hotel folios! We track crew activity daily so that you receive an accurate bill based on actual room usage.  Plus, your leadership can quickly locate any employee.  Information you require on each employee can be accessible 24/7.

Do it right!  Know your employees are in the hands of dedicated, caring, trained lodging experts.

Your Field Supervisors can rest assured that we are going above and beyond to ensure the comfort and complete satisfaction of your crew members, close to your projects.

Experience what it is like to have your crew lodging services handled the right way. You can count on us to honor our word through our actions.

“ I could ALWAYS count on Desiree to make it happen or come up with a solution to get it done. She has gone over and beyond for our company.  She backs her word.  If she says she can make it happen…it’s going to happen – I can tell you that.”                               Frac Crew Field Support